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Old freight sheds

I have a backup of the older freight sheds, before the last changeover. I have put them up on a Google drive

I will be removing this drive in a couple of months, but if you want your old files, there ya go.


nt to our old frt shed and all lost? Show folder empty?? This is really bad for us to get around or work this site now. Noel

Even chat room is privet and can’t get in ??? Nothing there to sign in?? Where do u go to work it? or ?

It’s all good just “refresh” the page in chat I will gladly help you. We need you here as an elder! Bob has been working very hard on the new site. You understand change as you have seen it in many ways over the past 70+ years!

…You still got the RR running ?

Interesting that I can’t seem to copy and paste the pictures from Bob’s link into my old threads to replace the pictures. Anyone know why?

You will need to download them. Even if you could figure out how the link them in a post, Bob’s Google drive is going to get deleted in a few months which would break them again. If you download to your computer, then you can post them like a new picture and they will be properly stored in the new system.

Thanks Jon,
Thatt makes perfect sense.