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NVRY acquires new equipment from a fallen flag

The NVRY is pleased to announce it has acquired several pieces of rolling stock, another road locomotive, and two rail trucks, from the PA division of the Rio Grande Southern (now a fallen flag).

The locomotive, a C19, will enter service immediately, as it is in fine fettle from the RGS shop’s maintenance department. The two rail trucks, however, will need some outshopping before they can be pressed into service. One will need a fairly major overhaul, and the other, with a freight box on the rear instead of the usual open bed, just needs a bit of wiring repairs and should be delivering the mail and light freight within the week.


Its operatives having attended the same Fallen Flag event, the Virginia and Truckee heartily congratulates the NRVY in its acquisitions, and expresses its highest hopes that all goes swimmingly in forthcoming repairs and operations.

H. M. Yerington, President, V&TRR

PS: What does NeRVY stand for again?

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Ex-RGS Motor #1, still in her RGS livery, exits the shops for a test run down to Williamsport. Still working out the bugs.


Didn’t Banta make that van body?

The Banta one is an outside frame, if I recall. This one definitely has a scratchbuilt vibe to it.

Great to see that truck running Bob, nice job.

Is her sister soon to be back on her feet? No big, just curious.

That one is going to have to wait until I get a battery and RX for it. I’m out of Revo receivers again.