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November 18 or 19 OPS Session Ridgway Grande Scenic Railway, Alexandria VA

Jo Ann and I will be hosting the last 2023 OPS Session for the Ridgeway Grand Scenic Railway scheduled for 9AM till 5 PM for 18 Nov.
In case of a rain on the 18th the reschedule will be 19 Nov, same hours. Let’s hope the weather is more forgiving this time!


I’m hoping Jean & I can make it this time! Will you have a locomotive for me? Or should I bring my own? :innocent:

I’ll have a locomotive ready for you.
Glad you can make it!

Ah…what fun!

LOTS of folks today! Some I knew, like Jerry Bohlander, Jack Thompson, Pete Thorton (not like I took THEIR pictures), plus lots of folks I had not yet met. What a crowd! What fun!

The layout looks better than ever…Jim & JoAnne have put a LOT of work into this layout and it really shows!

A few new buildings (or at least ones I don’t remember from the last time). Apparently, Jack has donated MANY! Check out this engine house!


There were a number folks there when I arrived about 10 AM, but Jim had a locomotive for me ready to go! (I ended up taking the passenger train around and got a great view of the layout)
Here I pick up the baggage car and the three passenger coaches…

After I left the station area, I found that the goats were waiting for me!

It was VERY fun to see some of my old stuff! Jerry had brought the Camelia coach that I had built many years ago.

I also enjoyed see these gnomes…

The scenery is just spectacular!

Many thanks to all who came, but especially to Jim & JoAnne! A great session, lots of fun!


Well, no-one wants photos of myself or Jerry I suspect, (although I am in the last 2 of Bruce’s pics, in my CSX jacket.) It was a spectacular day.

I ran the HLW 4-4-0 with my civil war train, and it’s parked here at Ophir. Those short 4-wheel cars didn’t like scale switches and were a pain to reverse! [The Pepsi truck ruined the idea that it was 1862! Mind you, Ophir wasn’t there either.]

I think this was Jim’s #361 on loan, as he wasn’t running trains - just trying to keep everything moving.

Jack Thompson’s C-21 #65 coming over the top of the pass and starting down the High Line.

Bruce’s beautiful coach and Jerry’s C-19 rolling down from Ophir.

My civil war train running down the High Line to Ophir.

Owen’s K-27 #463 double heading with #462.

And a final shot of my consist working back up the hill past the junction to Telluride.

Spectacular day, though the wind was cool as the sun got low in the sky. Many thanks to Jim & JoAnne!


Thanks Bruce and Peter for the photos! Jo Ann and I had a great time. Winter will shut things down, but we will be back in spring.