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Not yet extracted stills from camera video, I need to know?

Hey Y’all; a question. I’ve not yet extracted stills from camera video in all these years of having digital point and shoot cameras, what am I going to want to know? Especially things which the instructions likely won’t make obvious and would never occur in the brain of someone who has never done this.

Camera is a little Canon Powershot SX 720 HS that I’ve not had a year yet.

I’ve not yet looked at the instructions, too tired to do that right now.

Also have not yet looked in to what software if any is required.

Oh, and the job will be done on this PC.

Plug it into the PC and go from there

Forrest, when you plug it in the Win 10 software will ask if you want to import the photos and videos [usually.] You probably do want to.

When you have the video on the PC, you can extract still images several ways.

(1) You can 'pause" the video at the shot you want and then hold down Alt and hit PrtSc, which transfers the current window image into the clipboard. Then paste the clipboard into a photo program - windows comes with ‘Paint’ but it’s a bit crude. (I use Adobe Photoshop Elements.) Crop out the extraneous bits around the image and save it. Note that it will not be the same size as the original - it will be the size that your are viewing. Make it full screen before you hit Alt-PrtSc.
(2) Use the frame capture in your video processing software.

Note that the best video from your camera is probably 1920x1080 (HD) and you may have it set (on the camera) to a much lower resolution. [I record in DVD quality, which is 720x480, the same HD used by Comcast, etc. Uses a lot less space.]