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Nostalgia: band, choir

I ran across some old vinyl albums that were hanging out in my garage, and managed to find a digitizing turntable. So for fun I am posting a couple of tracks.

The first one is my 8th grade “dance band” playing Almost Like Being in Love, with yours truly playing a tenor sax solo. This was in Omaha, Nebraska in 1968:

The second one is from my senior year in high school in Glendale, California, 1972. Every year the choir + band put on a musical. This year was a “circus” theme and I ended up dressed up in a frog costume singing Kermit the Frog’s song, Bein’ Green:

Please be gentle with feedback. We *artist"s are so sensitive! It is clear now why I ended up writing software and not pursuing an entertainment career!


Nice talent! So how did you end up with Large Scale Trains?

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Just weird I guess… (adding more to get 20 characters)

That’s pretty much EVERY BODY HERE! But, it looks like I don’t need to do the 20 character thing - so what’s YOUR special power? Do you still play the sax?

No sax playing, and no singing anymore, except to annoy my kids or ruin a perfectly good rock song. I like singing along to Janis Joplin, Dylan, and Rod Stewart because I feel like I can’t totally ruin their songs…

Nerdliness is my adult superpower…

That’s amazing sound for an 8th grade band!! And you rocked it on the sax Dude!

Around that time frame I was growing up in Modesto CA, and in concert choir & plays-musicals through high school. Graduated from Thomas Down High in '76.

Long live the nerdliness, and amp it up!

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Jim, your talents continue to amaze. Thanks for sharing. I participated in our senior play in high school and played the family patriarch who was always grouchy and fussing at everyone. After the last show, my younger sisters came up to meet the director who asked them how they liked their brother’s acting. They both proclaimed that I was not acting, I was like that all the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Very talented! Thanks for posting.

Glad to see that you presented Hoover High School here on LSC. My great aunt taught at Hoover in the late thirties and early forties. While you were attending Hoover in 1972, my wife was just starting her fourth year of teaching math on the other side of Glendale at Woodrow Wilson Jr. High (later Wilson Middle School). Small world, indeed.

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Wow, Gary! The world is way smaller than I ever imagined it to be. What are the odds eh?

That’s an eight grade band?! Holy cow, they sound like pros!

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Well, let’s call it a 7th through 9th grade band. I was in 8th grade when the vinyl was pressed and was the tenor sax soloist on it. I can still remember my band leader being unimpressed with me because I wasn’t able to make up my own solo. He got a friend to write it for me and I just played it. Never had the knack to improvise.

Very nice of you, though, thanks Ray! I can hear some klunkers in there but it doesn’t sound bad for snot nose kids… if I do say so myself…


I played 2nd chair cello in 7th grade and took 1st chair from my sister (2yrs my elder). I didn’t care so this was my other hobby for a few years. Back in the day in the hood.


I love music and especially jazz!

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Two more songs from my junior high dance band:

Merry Christmas!