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Northeast Florida Live Steamers and Rail Roaders Inc

I and the G gauge group have been building a new elevated G gauge railroad at my club’s new location at the Florida Agricultural Museum in Palm Coast Florida.

We now have a three track main line layout with each track over 1 scale mile in length. So far there are four crossovers between tracks and a steam up siding. Plans call for several more sidings and a multi track freight yard to be started this summer.

The layout is about 100 x 65 feet. It is under pine trees so we call it the Pellicer Creek & Western (PC&W), The Pine needle Line. We can accommodate track power, battery/RC, and live steam. Come visit us if you are in the area. Bring your trains!

Cab Ride on the PC&W Rwy

Nice- great to hear that, I usually come to FL in the winter with a few steamers and would certainly like to visit. But not this year, dang…


Looks nice. I’m 2 hours away so hopefully later this spring I can come and steam there.

What is the light colored material that forms the surface between frame and track?


It is cement board. We will be painting it gray. We vacuumed the pine needles today, but they will return. :roll_eyes:

NEFLSRR proposed dates for events:

March 20, 2021 (Friends and Family Run – Club Members and Invited Friends – Bring Out Your Winter Projects)

May 8, 2021 (Mother’s Day Run – Club Members and Families – Show Off For Mom!!!)

August 21, 2021 (FAM Celebrate Water Event – Open To Public – Let’s Boil Some Water – Steamers)

October 30, 2021 (FAM Halloween Event – Open To Public – Spooky Halloween Rides)

November 13, 2021 (FAM Arts & Crafts/Blue Grass Show – Open To Public – Railroading in the Country) Including a railroad themed garage sale to raise money for the club?

December 18, 2021 (Christmas/Santa Train Event – Open To Public) Featuring Jim Needham as Santa!!