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North East Show Recap with John Sacerdote & Manufacturer Locomotive Revisions "Large Scale Live"

We hope everyone is ready for an all new Large Scale Live stream because we sure are! On this stream we’ll be covering how to identify the different manufacturer versions/revisions on locomotives and why you might want one version over another. We’ll also have John Sacerdote, President of the Amherst Railways Society back with us as our guest as we would like to recap our experience at the North East large Scale Show and John would also like to provide his own feedback and give info on next year’s show.
We will of course have info on other upcoming g scale events, product announcements and other general G scale related news! Also, don’t worry as we’ll be doing another giveaway to give back to our fans, you’ll need to tune in to find out what it is though. As always we know everyone will learn something new and enjoy the stream.