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No layout update. Just running a train

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Any movement is progress

I have probably asked before, but where did you get the trailers on your cars? Thanks. Matt, looks good as always

Hey Cuz,
Is that my old Chessie unit? I also see you scored an Amtrak road railer from dad!

Are those Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees ? Love the videos .

Those flat cars and trailers came from Marty Cozad. The trailers are road railer trailers. Some of them he cut down to make them more prototypical.

That it is Cuz!!! I put all new motor blocks in it last year. Right now, I need to get up to Robbies and get a speaker for it. I’ve put some miles on that Chessie!

That amtrak trailer was one of Marty Cozad’s. Uncle Andy still has all his amtrak stuff. I’ve only seen it run once in my times going there.

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Yep, they are dwarf alberta spruce trees. The one’s with red leaves are dwarf burning bushes. Thanks!!! I love you videos too!

Your in the family ,Tell dad i need it and he should give it too me because he loves his adopted son…better yet tell him his adopted grandson wants it so he can treasure it for years to come!

That “BS” line might work!

Hell you already stole how much from him he didn’t know he had so I would say you are ahead of the game? Right ?

I have 400 of those trees and I have to bonsai them all every year .You should start thinking of carving them up while they are still small .

Been there and done that … Maybe not as many as 400 … :open_mouth: