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Nice groundcover

Shot yesterday of my Challenger and the groundcover that grows on the hill and under the track(have to trim it on the rails sometimes). Wife says it is ‘Thyme Leaf Speedwell’. She got it from High Country Gardens, stuff is expensive though.

That stuff does get a bit invasive, but it does look nice.


Nice colors and it softens the look of the wall.

Stays nice and flat and I like how it goes down the wall. Not invasive here Greg, had to re-plant some last year.

I find the micro climates really affect how plant grow and how invasive they can be. I planted elfin thyme just past the abutment to Resignation Bridge. It grew like a weed on one side of the track, and it died off quickly on the other side of the track. The side it died on was a slope with western exposure. The side it grew well on was a shallow hollow. I guess on the slope it dried out too much, but in the hollow it had plenty of moisture.