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NHGRS Facts & Stats from NELSTS

NELSTS 4/27-29/2023 Young Building Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield MA

Big Green Modules by:

Joe Lupinski, Eric Reuter, Scott Suleski, Larry Mosher, Norm Jones, Bob Fallier, Stan & Deb Ames, Bob & Kathy MacDonald, John Foley, Jason Chenard, Jeff Heath & Everett Frost, Dave Miller, Steve Lennox, and some NHGRS club modules

127 modules, from 15 owners, with Main and Branch lines for approximately 550 linear feet of track on each. 29 additional multitrack siding modules, 23 additional scenic modules, for a total of 179 modules setup on over 7600 sq ft of floor space. 540 degrees of turns, 8 outer & 4 inner, 72 foot long back straight, 60 foot side straight,

Trains running: above list plus:

Ron Bart, Peter & Katie Brayshaw, Jeff Cairns (and family), John Flaherty Sr & Jr, Jeff Greene and his Dad, Dave & Matthew Winslow

Live Steam on Evergreen :

Richard Jenkins, Richard & Ralene Kadrmas, Matthew Winslow, Larry Cromwell, Herb Greene

They had to wait to set up due to some vendors having their vehicles still in the building while they were setting up, rather than unloading and moving the vehicles. With the new legs from Richard Jenkins the layout was higher and easier to work on.

They had 5 guest engineers who brought engines, or in the case of Grayson (age 9?) borrowed a Ruby because his has not arrived from the manufacturer yet. They had a number of people say they would have brought theirs if they had known the track was available. Apparently they had not seen all the publicity.

Load in started at 7:00am, all modules were set up and in place by 11:30 am. There were only a few minor electrical issues once all modules were connected. There were a couple of level track issues that required shimming.

Take down started a little early (my bad - I thought it was later than it was) with most of us having rolled out of the building by 7:15pm.

There were no major incidents, a couple of minor rear endings that the respective insurance agents will sort out. There was one minor roll over in the yard that was quickly cleaned up without having to notify the EPA or the FRA.


You left out another who ran trains on Big Green - Jake Littlefield. Who, along with Jeff and Joe ran a 7 engine consist of Dash-9’s and SD70 using RailPro!

Scott - It was great seeing you again. I also ran into Eric, but I missed Joe Lupinski and Larry Moser and Jeff Cairns. The rest I have not met before.

That Heavy Light Move that Dan posted above was pretty cool. I happened to be near Big Green when it ran. Before I saw the operators, I was pretty sure it was a RailPro consist with the mis-matched locos from several owners. Smooth as silk!

Not sure who had the military equipment train, but it stood out!

Rumor has it Big Green might be even bigger next year! Looking forward to it.

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The GAL Line DODX 68’ heavy-duty flat car’s with vehicle loads belong to Joe Lupinski

Some of the members are planning on adding large sidings as the layout has grown there is a need for more staging!

Someone told me, I forget who, that since the event will happen in a different (and larger) building next year, Big Green will be able to bring all their modules. Like, as huge as it was, they had to leave some behind. Some literature mentioned they are the 2nd largest modular model RR in the country, and I believe it!

2nd largest? Hmm. Not sure.