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NHGRS @ Amherst Show

Larry and I arrived at the Mallory Building at 7am and after helping Jeff put chalk marks on the floor started the unloading and set up. Eric did a time lapse video if anyone is interested. Set up at you tube This is our largest layout of Big Green to date, 517 feet of double track main line.


Hope you have a great turn out. Weather certainly is better than last year!

Great set up… My grandson keep finding places to stop and look @ each section …

Someone posted on Facebook that they found a set of used Accucraft Fn3 coaches for $85 each. WOW, about $100 each less than they are worth. Wish I had been able to snatch those up.

I hope there won’t be deals like that at the Large Scale show in March. Will Big Green be at that one too?

And another Facebook post had 3 brand new painted brass Accucraft Mikados (EBT prototype?) for $2500 each! Way out of my budget, but If I had been there with plastic in hand I might own one.

We won’t go in March as there is no room for us. We would go if they went back to the Cow Palace as the set up there was nice before the state shut down… . Big green will be at the new Large Scale show in April in Springfield, MA. Set up Thursday 4/27 with Show Friday 4/28 and Sat 4/29. Bachman and USA/Charlie Ro will be there they will be working on everyone else now that this show is complete.


i saw them and though about purchasing. they were labeled as new in box. i really didn’t need two more for my railroad. when i went back a half hour later they were gone. Stan indicated someone from friends C&TS picked them up.

Al P.

The show was a great time. It’s always fun hanging out with the club members and running trains. Since the layout was the largest ever we had numerous trains running on the same tracks. Surprisingly no major problems. I did have to think a minute on whether to get my video ready or yell to have John Foley stop his 7/8’s scale plow train as it was coming around the corner to Jeff Heath’s box cars that had derailed while his engine continued on. I took the high road so there is no great video to share… You really had to pay attention as you were running. It was good to see lots of friends and make new acquaintances. I’m really hoping the new April show takes off cuz I really miss seeing everyone at York.
Here’s a photo of the final crew after take down.


I /we enjoyed the layout… I said hello to Eric and Ernie while we were there …

Sorry. I meant the April Springfield show. Probably see you there.

They are unlettered EBT #12, and further comments on FB said they were electric locos. Wow - expensive but gorgeous.

Thanks for the reports Scott. We’ll miss Big Green down in PA and MD, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I hope to go to Amherst large scale, we’ll see.

With a little sleuthing I did find that out. I also found out the dealer name, and they are not far from me. Depending on how the IRS treats me this year I might have a serious interest. I could always sell my 2 Cyl LS Shay that I rarely run :slight_smile:


My 5yr old grandson had fun !

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