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NGRC Convention Layout Video (1997)

I went to the NGRC in 1997 and I ordered the VHS Tape. I loaned it to someone (who will remain anonymous) a year later. Honestly forgot all about it until they returned it at the Amherst Show this weekend. They apologized profusely. While I don’t own a VCR any more I wondering what the late fees would have been???


So, WHAT will YOU do with it? :innocent:

I am a movie nut. I have a collection of over 100 VHS movies. I still have two working VCRs. I also bought the equipment/cable to take RCA cables to HDMI. Now I just need to buy a good program that will convert the analog signal to digital and copy them all onto a hard drive so that I don’t lose them to time when my VCRs die.

I used to have all that stuff, and I found the RCA & S-VHS video to computer (USB?) module recently.
I think my Pinnacle Studio program will take pure video input. I don’t even remember what I used 10 years ago!

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that cord is basically what you just described. It may even be USB and not HDMI. Whatever it is it plugs into my VCRs RCA outputs and plugs into the TV or Computer. I thought it was HDMI but it might be USB. I haven’t played with it for awhile. So I have that part covered. I will check out the Pinnacle Studio for the program. I really haven’t explored it that far, I got side tracked. But I really do need to get it so I can start converting everything. I would hate to loose my collection. I still buy them. They are dirt cheap at thrift stores and garage sales. If you don’t mind the reduced video quality its a very cheap way to build a movie collection if you are so inclined. I pretty much do not watch regular TV. I rewatch movies over and over and over. I know, i am weird. But what can I say. I would rather watch an old movie than most any program on TV today.