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New Worker on the CC&R

In keeping with Boomer’s tradition of immortalizing great large scale modelers in miniature, I humbly give you the latest addition to the CC&R work force. Can you guess who he is?

I’ll give you a few hints.

  1. Has a great layout, but only operates it four times a year.
  2. Claims to do everything, but we really know that Jane does all the work.
  3. Is a legend in his own mind.

Sorry Andy … you were a large target (pun intended.)



That’s a good start Bob but my adopted dad never used anything that small to whip my ass with!

If he was sitting at the counter in the Lil Nashville Diner with a haystack in front of him, I would have recognized him …(

This is dad at York a few years ago.

Notice the joy in his face and how he just beams with pride as we share father son time at the train show together!

Yea, Andy’s beaming smile is something to behold. He just lights up the room with his smile.

LOL, Nice Bob… ( up)

Guess now I have to dig out my old golf caps…