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New Trolley Garden layout built

We started to build a 140 foot Trolley Line as a second garden layout, at my new home in Elk Grove , Cal.
We still have my garden R.R’s in Rio Linda, Cal. My Daughter. and her Hubby are living there now. It still has the Santa fe & Butthead Cove R.R. and Little Truckee Ho R.R.
So we just finish up this Trolley line to have something different, due to a smaller back yard.
It has three towns, in the 1928 to 1935 era, like an old Trolley single line. It’s an auto, back and forth run, with timed out stops. It set up with building Lights, Sounds and Music, at the end of the line, at a Mickeys Place Barn dance.

Here is the video: (For some reason video not starting are the beginning? )


Nice. Music is appropriate too.

really a lovable layout!
and your taste in musik is as good as ever

Thanks Guy, We are just still kicking around with my Trains and layouts, like you are to. LoL Korm.

Looking Good Pap! Hope you are are well …I hit the ripe old age of 53 this past June!!

Geeeeeessssssssss. :flushed: Wow 53 !!! , I’m not sure what I was doing at 53. lol.

Now at 88, we’re still playing with trains and cars down in the dirt. , BUT…Next year, I’m starting over, back to 39. :laughing: :steam_locomotive: :railway_car: :railway_car: :railway_car:

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We have been asked a note on the Trolleys. Trolleys, we have dumped the Bachmann drive blocks and installed USA F-3s’/ GP9 motor block with slider. Replace all USA rubber traction wheels with steel one. It make a better track power pickup on very slow speeds… We also, install a 9 v. Batt packs on each. It’s for the interior LED lighting to stay on, on at night runs. We did not install the over heard wiring due to, on our fence lines, our feet may get in to it when keep the yard up, so just for looks, we install Pentogarph’s and remover the Trolley poles off the tops. Our next new idea, is to run two Trolleys on using a latching relay, to have one Trolley make a run on the single tracks and then the other Trolley, make a run. We would like to running one open Trolley on a run and change over to one closed Trolley both loaded with people. Supprizing, we are running Trolley w/ USA motor Block with cheap Ho Transformer, that are set to around 10 volt.

Damn Pap …you are going hard core!!

I love it !!!

I’m sold on Charlies motor blocks they are pretty solid and repairable.

And still being made … :wink: