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New Test Product from GLX MODELS...

I just had GLX Models make me a “Safety Tread” Deck Plate for my B’mann Ten Wheeler. At this stage it is just a one off, but it is mounted and gives good signs of being a success.

I don’t do pictures, but I will get someone in our gang to take a few, to show how it looks.

If anyone is interested, just let Gilbert know, and he might make one for you too…

Fred Mills

I’d sure be interested. I have a Spectrum 4-4-0, whose deckplate gave it years ago. Love to see pics.

Posted by GLX on 26 August… (for those of us who read every new post)


Yep, read it, want to see pics of the beastie installed.


The locomotive may be used in service on Saturday, if the traffic warrants it…there should be a railfan nearby to get a picture of it…Gilbert might even be here to see his product in service.

Steve; it was designed for the ten wheeler. I’m not sure that it will fit the 4-4-0. I do know of a 4-4-0 here in town that we might use its deck plate for a model…



Here are the photos. They are also in my album.

Gilbert, thank you for your patience - thanks to me purloining mrs tac’s laptop I can see your impressive list of stuff!