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New Site Software (No longer a Sneak Peek)

I really hate to see you have to do anything else, Bob.

Is there something that WE can do?

Well, since they’re your posts, you should be able to edit the post. A few things that need to be cleaned up:

Remove all HTML, and convert it to ‘markdown’. I use HTML to Markdown Converter

Then, you need to fix the inline images, since the markdown tags are not used, and interfere with the formatting of the post.

For YouTube videos, you need to remove EVERYTHING from the iframe tags except the youtube URL itself. Then they just embed correctly.


I have a lot of emoticons/smileys that no longer display, such as:

Will these images be replaced, or should I scrub them all?

ok, weird. Bob it appears you edited my article to show the videos. Now I can’t edit it, and the images are gone.

Maybe I’m not doing the right thing about editing.

Here’s what I’m seeing:

And I can see the images when I look in the “edit” view, but when I look at the actual topic post I see this for the images:

Hm, I think we can revert to version 2, which had the images and videos.

I looked, but I could NOT find ANY way to edit these.

Not only that, but when I went to search for my master index article, I get this message: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Edit: (I was here: A Build Log Index for the J&B and clicked on the link there to get the Oops! message.)


I decided to start editing out those dangling emoticons on my pages, found there is no edit button
for me either.

Example: DCC++EX - #15 by Steve_GScale



Note that I am logged in (upper right corner), its one of my posts, and there is NO edit
icon in the lower right area.

Its sort of hidden. Hit the three dots next to the Reply link (…) that should expand the options available, and the pencil is the edit

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I tried that - no joy:

OK, refresh and try now. There was a setting of how long (in minutes) after a post is created that you are allowed to edit it.


We crossed posts, appears to be OK now, at least the DCC++EX thread …

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Great. I’m generally not in favor of letting people edit their posts, since it can cause threads to not make sense, or let people completely delete the content, or whatever. I may turn on the limitation back on after we get the site working 100%.

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I don’t believe in “revisionist history” on websites either. However if I make an edit its usually
to make things clearer - sometimes reading thru a thread from end to end points out holes
that I want to plug.

I’ve cleaned up my DCC++EX thread, doing the carrier thread next…

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Have almost everything clean, was on the end of the final thread when this popped up:



PS: don’t worry about it, I’ll finish tomorrow…

A progress update.

We’re 5 days in, and no major issues behind the scenes. Everything is running smoothly. My TODO list:

  • Continue to find missing Freight Shed files. This is an ongoing process.
  • Fix the Chat sign-in error.
  • Sweep posts for YouTube videos and try to fix the embed code.
  • Get the Advertiser code working 100%

And there’s a couple housekeeping things on the back end I need to finalize, in regards to sunsetting the old site host.

Thanks to everyone for their patience during the transfer.


This thread is getting fairly long like some of the build threads. Would it be possible to add a button to take us to the last post? Or is it here and I am missing something.

Type # (pound sign) and you should see:


Type in that number (77 in this case) and click OK

Well crap! If you do restrict editing everyone will need to put up with tons of spelling errors and typos in my posts. I always find the mistakes AFTER I hit post.

There is a “how many minutes can someone edit their post” amount that I may set to something like 30, once things have settled down.