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New, simplified PnP adaptor.

Now available from RCS is a new Plug’n’Play adaptor for battery only conversions of any Large Scale Bachmann and Aristocraft locos equipped with the standard PnP socket.

It can be used with any non PnP R/C control equipment.

The # BATTERY-PnP is a plug in pcb pre-wired for plug in VIPER ESC using JST connections, Forward and Reverse lighting and battery + & - connections for the loco electronics.


This will be an easy way of converting the soon to be released updated Bachmann Annie, that will have a PnP socket fitted.

The kit with instructions will sell for A$ 19 and will be given away with the RCS EVO -VIPER ESC package deals for those that can use them.

Nice product Tony, and thanks for answering my question about the Viper ESC that I was given. (It is a 12V and I wondered what it will do with a 14.4 Li-ion battery. Your website says they work up to 15V and get erratic with a fully-charged 16V Li-ion pack.)

Thanks Peter.

I do have a Bachmann LYN derivative running on a 4s (1,500 mah) pack and a VIPER without any problems. So it seems it varies a bit. Could be the protection pcb’s I have fitted allowing a bit too much voltage out on some packs Master Instruments make for me.

The easy peasy solution to over voltage for the VIPER-10-12 volt causing erratic behavior is a couple of 3 amp silicone diodes in series to drop the battery voltage by about 1.5 volts.

They must be after the charge circuit and before the VIPER.

A much better all round solution would be if MTroniks could make them to withstand a little bit more voltage.

Nice gadget Tony… Simplicity is often grand!

A 14.4V or 4S Li-Ion battery typically measures 16.8V off charge… Under significant load, voltage will decay quickly. That said our loads aren’t typically more than a few amps, as the battery is consumed voltage degradation ensues and the battery will cruise around 15.0V all the way to recommended voltage cut-out. NOTE: “recommended cut-out” is not until the battery stops working… There are lots of 18650 Li-Ion discharge graphs available online for those interested.


Hello Michael.

Thanks for the information.

The problem is not really the batteries.

The VIPER specs are for 12 volts nominal. Great if you can fit 10 x NiMh or NiCd cells in a pack. They can handle 15 volts actual, but not 15.1 volts actual.

In all other facets the VIPER ESC’s are terrific. Low cost, prewired with JST plugs and sockets and a genuine 6 amps if needed.

They are potted and waterproof, so are not user serviceable, but I have yet to blow one up.

Looks like I will just have to try it. . .