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NEW RCS 100 Watt 24 volt Low OFF control ESC.

RCS now has available a new 100 Watt (5 amps at 20 volts) ESC.


They feature screw terminals and constant brightness forward and reverse lighting outputs.

These replace the no longer made original RCS OMEGA series. The OMEGA-10 Low OFF control uses two channels for speed and direction.

Low OFF control is how most Live Steam locos are operated.

The direction is set by a reverser which also controls Inertia/Momentum. The loco speed is controlled by a 300º degree regulator knob.

Much finer control than with the 150º degree control a Centre OFF ESC has.

Three different operating modes can be set and they are programmable for performance features. High frequency silent PWM output.

The # OMEGA-10 can be used with any standard servo output receiver and requires two channels.

Available direct from RCS for A$ 89 (US$ 62) Post Free.

Go HERE for full information.

I was curious about the r/c so I looked on your link:

Each locomotive will require one **ESC/**RX combination listed above.

Hello Pete.

You wrote
Each locomotive will require one **ESC/**RX combination listed above.

That is correct.

Although designed specifically for my own DSM2 R/C, they will work with just about ANY Digital Proportional Rx that has standard servo signal outputs.

Did you have a question?

Tony Walsham said:

Hello Pete.

Did you have a question?

Probably not only challenging as a few do.

Nice product Tony !

" Rooster " said:

Tony Walsham said:

Hello Pete.

Did you have a question?

Probably not only challenging as a few do.

Rooster, that is a very weird sentence.

Tony, I am not wired in to the rc car biz, where talk of ESCs is common. I am used to trains using “throttles” - electronic ones in this case. And many DCC systems have the receiver and the esc built in to the same module.

As you didn’t mention DSM2 I assumed it did not have an integral receiver, so I went to your site to check - hence the red writing.

Hi Peter.


I deliberately call my Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC’s) just that, to differentiate them from DCC.

The # OMEGA-10 can use any type of Rx that has standard servo signal throws and not just DSM2 protocols. Although I only produce and sell DSM2 compatible R/C.

The only maker I know of that has combined Rx/ESC’s are Deltang DSM2 compatible, and only one of which can actually be used up to a claimed 18 volts. The others are all a maximum of 13 volts.

The ESC in this thread can take up to 28 volts, although I only say 24 volts.

I personally “was” wired into the RC car business many moons ago and often wondered why no one grabbed the ESC and related it to the model train hobby.

Hi Rooster.

The problem had always been, no matter good and reliable R/C car ESC’s were, the big drawback was always the big cumbersome two hand operation Transmitters.

Not any more. The Tx’s I make will fit in a pocket and can be operated by one hand if you wish.

They vary from a basic three channel entry level handpiece with one sound trigger;

To a more advanced 5 channel hand-piece with 5 x sound triggers.

Unlike some R/C systems the RCS R/C is compatible with quite a bit of DSM2 protocol equipment.

Rx’s start at A$ 22 ea Xenon Rx’s. ESC’s from A$ 49 ea.

I can confirm that Tony’s TX works with many different DSM2 systems. I’ve tried 3 different RXs with mine so far.