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Now available from RCS of New England a compact portable meter to measure your engine battery voltage. Turn off your engine, then plug cable into to your charge jack and read the battery voltage. The cable is 33" long with a 2.5mm plug. For LSC members $22 includes shipping. If you need the 2.1mm plug add $2 for the adapter. Please let me know when you are ordering.


Huh. now there is a cool product.

I’ll take one. How do I order?

Joe Zullo said:
Don, I’ll take one. How do I order?

You can use the “contact us” page:

or just send him an email:

E-Mail address: [email protected]

Thanks guys for your comments and orders. I will have meters for sale at the OPS 2015 if that is allowed. In the meantime I will mail you your meter and send me a check.

This meter comes with a 2.5mm DC power plug on a 33"cable. Does anybody use 2.1mm jacks? If so I will have to add that size.

Thanks, Don

I sent you an email after measuring my charger plug . It has a 2.1mm center hole and a 5.47mm body.


Just to let you know that the meter was received and I will put a check in tomorrows mail. THX.