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New Mexico Central Chapter On30 (modular) Model Engineers

Did Bart mention who got him started in 0n30?

I didn’t think so…:wink:

I have some On30 stuff. I want to make a small layout for, I have a 36"round tabletop for it Just need the corner to put it in before starting it.

I love On30. But with all my HO trains piled on top of F scale trains piled on my war games miniatures with paintball, RC cars and the atv. Mrs Burr would most likely kill me.

Although, I could sell off the HO and get On30 and still use the same track…


I have some 0n30, too. I also have some h0, some 0 gauge 3 rail, as well as several sizes of 1 gauge stuff. I need to focus.

Maybe if I got some S scale to go with the S scale trestle that I bought a few years ago? Yeah, that’s the ticket. :slight_smile:

Seriously, I’m thinking about building a 0n30 Inglenook to take to the next show. Should be fun.

After Two years of using the HO style corners the group decided we needed something easier to carry and store. We came up with this design for minimal corners.

They are each 90degrees and just wide enough for the ROW. Each corner has a 4" straight lead-in on the ends and then the curve.

I did the cutting. Good times. Got some aggression out.

Wood work complete. Very strong and they weigh almost nothing.

Road bed goes down. We are using a different foam from the neoprene sold by Woodland Scenics. This stuff is similar to what is used for embedding tools in a tool box.

Track gets glued down. We no longer do jumper tracks. Modules are held together by two super-strong magnets in each end and the track butts together at each joint. Sometimes we don’t even use joiners.

Regardless of straight or curved modules all mid track joints are soldered.

Jumper wires are soldered on each end.

First run will be later this month. Fascia boards, paint and ballast will be added this summer.

In January the ON30 group became a division of the New Mexico Garden Railroaders. We now have insurance and two venues each year where we can set up. If you are in the Albuquerque area and have an interest in G Scale or On30 please contact us through the NMGRR website.

More pics and updates as we go.

May 18th

Corners wired and fitted.

That is all…