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New Haven RS3 for sale

Help me thin down my collection. Up for sale is a used Aristocraft RS3 in New Haven McGinnis scheme. Sold as is . Have box . Unit is set up to run as battery RC independent from track power, using trail car. Unit runs. $125 plus shipping us only.

What is your ‘controlling’ source; i.e., Rail Pro etc.

Dang, I wish I hadn’t stopped buying 1:29. I still have the USA Geep in that scheme (my first large scale loco) but only one or two cars and a caboose. Hardly enough for a multi-unit train. My Geep is also set up for trail car battery/control. I have a trail car, but it’s been gutted.

Todd, PM sent. Thanks

Thanks for looking item has found a new home.


Do you know if it will get ditch lites and HEP cabling at it’s new home ?

If this is mine - on the way… it is to be a LACKAWANNA 903, *NO" ditch lights with a Rail Boss installation w/trailer HEP.

PAZ (Pennsylvania Arizona)

Nice score if it’s yours.

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Just arrived, you commented on HEP - any special reason?

Todd, just arrived - ALL OKAY.!

Bob (PAZ)

No reason Mr. Kubasko just my era and mind set that’s all.

Enjoy the new loco !

So many systems out there for sure, this setup is temp, initially for a triple GP30 Pennsy unit. A Soundtraxx RS3 will be for this bad boy… don’t know which DCC to go with for now.

  • I’m older than these old things! Lived near the Kingston PA DL&W roundhouse and when a youngster I was a roamer and would befriend the evening mechanics there and shine the sides with oily rags. :open_mouth: