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New guy here and to the hobby from rural Nevada!

Wanted to say hello and thanks for the add to the group! I just acquired a bunch of G scale trains and accessories, some I may be parting with as I have some duplicates. Looking forward to learning about this stuff.

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Welcome, Jeff, glad to have you on board!

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As Bob Stated, Welcome aboard…

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Welcome, Jeff. Lot of great folks here.

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Duplicates are no necessarily a bad thing. Welcome and ask away, plenty of great people here to help you along the way

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Welcome Aboard !
You shouldn’t have announced you might selling some stuff cause Andy (hoards) buys up everything!!

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Thanks everyone for the welcome, I’ll try to post some pics of my extra stuff if I can figure it out.

Lol, sounds like Andy might be “my guy”

All sealed from factory!

Jeff… You just missed the Mik Build Challenge for 2023, BUT… 2024 is only 9 1/2 months away…

OK Rural Nevada is a big place… Just where in NV are you? I’m in the North West of NM and get to NV several times a year…

Welcome to our little world of craziness and knuckleheads…

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Thank you for the welcome, I’m in Overton Nevada.

Welcome aboard from Mass.

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Ahaaa… a nice little hidden escape place.

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Welcome aboard Jeff!

I travel to Carson each year, so I was going to as “How rural?” Then I saw Overton, yeah that’s pretty rural, haha! Beautiful country though, at least to me. I made the drive from Reno to Ely, then Tonopah and back to Carson & Reno last year. I was in a constant state of awe at the scenery…

Seems like the happenin place in your town, certain folks here would visit I’m sure!

Check out that 8 foot poultry! Maybe a side shot would be nice…

Welcome. And with a name like Herzog any post you make will ALWAYS be train related.

I would hope one of these HAS to be in your future.