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New EVOLUTION entry level R/C from RCS

I guess you could say this post was timely, given the recent discussions of control systems.

Although my main product line is catering for Live Steam R/C, I am making a couple of dedicated DSM2 Digital Proportional Tx hand-pieces just for Battery R/C.

Unlike regular stick radios which work 90º either side of neutral, RCS hand-piece knobs use 150º degrees of speed control, either side of neutral. That equals much finer speed control.

There are two items in the RCS EVOLUTION range.

The # EVO-BATT is for simple entry level battery R/C. It can handle 1 x loco for Centre OFF control with three sound triggers.

The other item is # EVO-BATT-DUO. This allows 2 x Centre OFF control Locos to be operated simultaneously from the one Tx handpiece. Cab “A” & Cab “B” each have 2 x independent sound triggers.

Three Suitable VIPER ESC’s from 3 amps @ 12 volts to 12 amps @ 24 volts are a perfect match.


My garden railroad is not continuous run but operates like a real railroad with station starts/stops, crossing trains and shunting. Therefore what I like about the EVO-BATT is that I can hold it in one hand and can do everything with my thumb without having to look at the transmitter. My thumb will rotate the forward/reverse/throttle knob and also press the sound triggers. My other hand is then free for setting switches, uncoupling, etc.

Oh and my 3 year old granddaughter likes it too…


Peter Lucas