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New Developments on Doug Matheson's Northland R. R.

We have been fortunate to be able to run operations on a couple of great layouts in our community. Mike Hamer has just posted a story to his blog about recent doings at Doug’s Layout were operations were curtailed due to Mother Nature part way through last season. Feel free to check out what Doug has been up to recently on his magnificent Northland RR in getting it ready for running trains this coming season.

We’ve also been following Doug’s progress on his layout every year during our “Invasion” visits. Sorry to hear about the tree damage. Hopefully he will have it repaired in time for our next visit.

We had some very strong winds here at the beginning of March. Fortunately all that was damaged were a few buildings that got blown all over the yard.

ouch … I hate when that happens…

Like Ken, we have been watching Doug’s railroad grow and develop from when it was just a vision in his brain and he was trying to explain it to al of us. Its a beautiful raised railroad built amongst the trees in a Japanese garden setting. Great place to operate and he struggles with those trees that he built around. I’m sure he’ll be working to get it back to operational level as Summer approaches.


Time to be planning travels and ops as the weather moves us toward that time of year.

Trees can be a real problem on railways.


Nelson Yard after a large spruce tree fell behind Fred and Gord in the spring of 2011.

I still look at that picture and wonder how there wasn’t more damage.

It landed between the house and the garage. Talk about lucky!

WOW! I though trees were just a nuisance for the leaves and droppings they tend to deposit on the track (I guess still being on rail power has its drawbacks, but hopefully in a few years I can change that)

Hope the layout was not too damaged, that looks like a great setup!