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New Building From Just Plain Folk

Hey guys here are some Photos of a New building I got in from Just Plain Folk. They are mostly in the 1:22.5 scale to go along with their Figures. It build is for indoor or outdoor use. They come prepainted and ready to plant. They appear to be spun cast. You can tell from looking inside of them . It comes with the roof build in as one piece. It does have a floor that fits inside in case you plan on doing an interior. It also comes with a front porch and a bench and a Barber pole. It also comes with Decals for the Barber shop. Here are some photos from their Advertisement.


Landrel, do you have a website addy? What comes up in Google doesn’t work.

Here is their website… They also have other decals you can make a different type shop out of it.

I do cockpit Kits for model airplanes to support my habit. So when I got my building I made molds to install an interior. Here is the interior walls installed. Really quick paint Job may do another. These are pulled from Styrene. The building is lit by 2 surface mount flat LEDS. I’ll have to decide what to put inside. I plan on using this on my indoor layout… The floor on the inside of the building is the same color s the porch.


Website - thanks ! , John hasn’t been to a show in years so I haven’t seen anything new from him in a long while.

Well i could not find a G Scale Barber Chair anywhere. So I made a master and then cast it out of resin…

Nice work on that chair!

JPF does show at ECLSTS York PA every March


I second the comments on that chair. JPF did a great job on the building too.