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New Bright - Kids Delight

This 2-6-2 C&NW engine and tender came from a barn sale. It is an early New Bright offering, and unlike the present ones, it has metal wheels and track pickups on the tender wheels - one wheel on each axle passes power to the loco (so 2 wheels on each side are picking up.) The metal driving wheels have traction tires, and the whole thing seems just about complete.

I did not expect anything when I applied power (and I had to clean the wheels and connector to get anything to happen.) But it does seem to be in good shape, and even the sound system works. Now the latter will make any kid happy as it is loud and exciting, but not too prototypical. (I have a short video which I will try and post or I can email it.) There’s a volume control on the tender back.
It’s perhaps a little small for 1/29th scale? But for a Christmas Tree train it is perfect. I can accept $55 for it, plus $10 shipping. Paypal, Zelle or a check.