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New Addition to WSRR Roster

The (Imaginary) Waverly Southern RR is proud to announce a new addition to its locomotive fleet. Recently acquired from the New Haven RR, RS3 #561 arrived today. Put her up on rollers, applied battery power and she fired right up and ran well.

This locomotive was purchased from a fellow LSC member who had set it up to be powered from a trail car. as luck would have it the power connector on the engine is the same type I use on the other WSRR locomotives. I’ll have to build a trail car, but that is OK, I like building rolling stock. This will be my first foray into the Railpro product whenever I get around to building it.


Neat, but HARDLY imaginary! Looks VERY real.

Very nice. The late model Aristo RS-3s were great runners. At one time I had three of them! I believe that battery connection is factory stock. There should be a switches under a cover on the hood. One of them is track/battery.

The trail car will work fine, but the locomotive will still act like it does on track power as far as lights are concerned. That, and the sound will come from the trail car.

If you were to convert it to on-board battery, the RailPro module you are planning to use could control all of the lights individually and power the factory speaker (I think this one had one) . I ran mine with trail cars long before I discovered RailPro. Personally, I feel it’s worth the effort to go self-contained.

Dan, I recently dug into my first RailPro and I can tell you I am really happy with how it works! Like Jon said the light functions are great and sound is awesome. Tossing coins to see which loco is next!!!

Pictures can be deceiving, Bruce. Is it real or Polaroid?

Jon, in the long run I will most likely put everything onboard just like I’ve done my Shays, but for now, I’ll just use a trail car. Not that it really matters since the layout is still a figment of my imagination.

I’ve followed your Railpro installations very closely and your experience has sold me on it. I put Airwire and Phoenix in the Shays but it will be Railpro from here on out.

Pete I followed your Railpro adventures too. Heck, I figured if you could do it, any one could, even me :wink: Just kidding. I really like the compact form factor of Railpro with everything on a single card. I’ve hinted to Momma and the boy that a gift card to RLD Hobbies for Christmas would be great. We’ll see if they were listening.