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New 2018 Piko G Scale Now Posted Online

New 2018 Piko G Scale Now Posted Online At

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Ooooh I like that Mighty Hauler (


I’ve been sort of shopping around for our “mainline” loco following the demise of our LGB 0-6-2T that would look “right” on our free-lanced “Hawaii inspired” Triple O. I am taking the guide for the real 3’ gauge OR&L and the plantations it served, bracketing the 1880-1920 time period. I understand PIKO, like LGB, has a bit of a “gummi ruler,” which is OK by me, if it looks “right.” Never having seen this locos in person, I was just wondering if either the tank engine or mogul might allow me to “Americanize” the line a bit.

For the record, I am also weighing HLW’s 4-4-0 (the OR&L had two that served for nearly the whole life of the road) and LGB’s Forney (Almost all of my stuff is LGB, and all but one works after 30+ years, 15 or so in deep storage.). All curves are LGB’s smallest radius, which I believe is 4’.

Thanks, now off to work on my Mik’s challenge!


Vic Smith said:

Ooooh I like that Mighty Hauler (

Yea, so do I.