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Need Replacement Motor for LGB 92077 Daisy Steam Locomotive

No one seems to have the replacement motors for these little steamers. Anyone know of a source to get them?

Not sure who you have tried, but Train-Li (Train-Line) of Reno, NV may be able to supply them. I’m pretty sure they have a web business. I’m guessing this is a variant of the small 0-4-0 Porter that was very popular some years ago. Fortunately, mine still runs.
Regards, David Meashey

Thanks, I tried and they don’t have. I looked at the Website and don’t see any that match the photo of the motor that another person sent me. I’ve sent an email to and see if Mohammed has any.

There were actually several different models of these little steamers made for LGB in Korea so I assume there are also different motor versions. But I may have to get the locomotive from my customer and open it up to confirm which motor is installed.