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Need help on identifying tool parts

A good friend recently gave me a bag of stuff, and there are a few items I couldn’t identify. I sent him this pic for some help, and he said the lower left chrome thing was a jar opener, cool. My wife now has it. :+1: But the rest… not so sure.

The upper left parts seem like part of a metal brake… That’s all we could determine. The gentleman who bestowed these wonders didnt’ want to be named, but said “Tell them you got them from some old crazy guy that probably even signed Rooster’s ass.” :crazy_face:

The upper right is probably a fence for a small router table or table saw but the lower left is certainly an opener of something !

Well, yeah, since I gave you the story on that already… :exploding_head:

I recognized that thing bottom right, looks like a clamp, but I can not remember what it is used for! Ah, getting old sucks. . .

Some of those look like they’re off a left-handed gonkulator, but @Bruce_Chandler would know better about those than I do.

These are all from the Bag O’Junk ™ that I gave Cliff - I’m too old and decrepit to remember what everything IS. :innocent:

Should have got the boy a left handed can opener years ago! As I have never seen opening up the side of a can before!

The top left things are to make your vice into metal bender. Put one on each side of the vice and bend.

The other long things look like clamps. The bottom long thing looks to be a inside clamp. With the top long thing to be a fence of some sort?

These are parts of a cheese straightener.

Must be. I suspect most folks know just how much I hate crooked cheese. :innocent:

Thanks for all the ideas, guys!

Rooster, I think you’re closest on the top right thing, but only God knows (and Bruce, if he remembers) what machine it mated with…

Dang Craig, that’s brilliant! The jaws even have (strong) magnets to hold them in place, very cool! Thanks Bruce!

The jinglebobber in the middle has small clamps for something… and a hole that could mount it to a tripod. By why?

Seems like we’re all stumped on the lower right dohickey. A clamp like Craig suggests? Or maybe a hand held finger powered pencil lathe?


They are clamps. I have several just like that.

In the last picture is the swivel button missing off the balled end of the thumb screw rod?

Yes it most certainly is.

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I’m betting I was influenced by the master - hoping some of his magic would rub off on me! :innocent:

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And who might that possibly be?

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You both are masters, in my book!

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Which book?

Someday I hope to be a master myself however only peasants and peons model what I model.

Personally I don’t believe what you say Shifu.


Yeah well Shifu you too and YES I had to look that one up!!!
LSC rules but I still got 10yrs before I have to sign up for medicare which still makes me a peon