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Need dimensions on a Bachmann tank car G scale

Looking for dimensions on a Bachmann tank car, like the Mobil tank car #93435, or car of the same size. Bottom of wheels to top of dome and length to the end of the couplers will work. Thanks to anyone who can do this.

I was able to figure it out, I found a pic of the tankcar with a Coke can setting beside it, just took the pic, measured the can and went from there, easy for us modelers to do that.

I was just about to reply to your request…
I now have one of those tank cars on my work bench, waiting on the conversion to Kadee body mount couplers.
I’ll check your requested measurements, just in case you need them, right off the car. What couplers are you using…I can only give you the measurement from the end frames, as there are no couplers on this car…unless you want it with body mount Kadee’s…

Thanks, I pretty much figured it out from the Coke Can in a picture up next to the car. As far a length most lengths will work, but the height was my concern. Thanks for the reply, trainman

Thanks for your interest, I model in LGB scale and I can not use most of the other manufactures cars because of the scale differences in size. My railroad is modeled in the 40’s so most of my railroad uses the LGB American cars and engines and USA Trains wood side reefers and boxcars, they work well with the LGB cars and engines. My only question on the Bachmann tank car was mainly for the height of the car and that it matched up closely with the LGB tank cars, the length is not as important as tank cars came in all different lengths. I like most of us have more engines and rolling stock then we have room for, so I pick and choose more carefully these days.