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Narrow gauge models visit the narrow gauge in Maine

I helped the WW&F Railway Museum host the 16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers annual steamup at the pavilion at Alna Center. lots of steamers and cars, both in scale and full size.


Beautiful, Eric! Wow, what a fantastic mix of 1:1 and model live steaming.

Looks like Aikenback Live Steamers was well represented. I know Jerry & Jane B had a great time, and I see my friend Mark L. in a few points in your video.

Some day!


Wish I had known this was happening. I’ve been wanting to make the trip up for a while.

Eric, You are being too modest! You were instrumental in the event and our enjoyment of it.
Jon, Join the 16MM Association and you can be part of our North American annual meets.

I was there! Really! [My Regner Heisler shows up towards the end of Eric’s video.]

There’s a second video of The Day After when we all convened at Eric’s home on our way elsewhere.


Of course you were Pete! My apologies for not mentioning that I saw you there as well. Well, i saw your Heisler, so that proves it. :grin:

I found my photos so here they are.

This is a proper Maine run: Roundhouse Forney and Roundhouse SR&RL #24. Both 1:19 (SM32) so they should have been 32mm gauge, but who cares.

Eric’s garden layout is really nice. Here’s the man himself with his 7/8ths scale Forney (modified Emma, I think):

The double-header on its way uphill:

Returning from the upper loop:

And finally, Jerry’s (Naptowneng) Shay which managed the whole trip, he says, without him touching the throttle:

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Short video of the SR&RL #24 plus the Forney at speed on the Aikenback layout

More pics from Maine.

This is how you make a 2’ gauge line out of a std gauge line (Grand Trunk RR to Montreal.) The old RR ran along the harbor so they slewed the rail over and re-spiked.

And here’s how you avoid the coaches falling over. Small wheels tucked up under the body.

Finally, this is the end of the WW&F RR line. The turntable is owned by the Maine NG Museum in Portland (previous 2 pics were shot there.) Passengers are invited to help turn the engine.