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Name plate for engines

I would like to add a scaled name plate to a couple engines as a memorial / reminder.
Didn’t they usually names engines in memory?
I see that LGB usually had names etc.
Were would I get such a thing?

Sean, which era? All I know of (slightly) are the formal names on steamers, usually beneath the can windows. And decals seem the answer for those. But are you referring to something different?

might help you Sean
and I liked this document


The OR&L also numbered their locos for key dates (founder’s kids’ birthdays; founder’s birthday; the treaty of reciprocity; annexation to United States). This could serve as an alternative if you cannot find name plates.

For what it is worth, many had names of places along the line or key landmarks on O’ahu or key events (Reciprocity and Annexation), but none of my pictures show where those plates were located.



If you are looking for a source, there are several in the UK that make custom name plates using brass or nickel-silver. I get mine from Narrow Planet, which is now part of Light Railway Stores:

Here’s an example:

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Thanks I did ask this question on the other side of the pond and got the same links you just gave.

I have already done a little experimenting with embossing and 3D printing name plates. Fairly simple task and one I am willing to help people with.