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N Idaho exploring 2024.......Mines

I did a little research with google earth for mines in the area we were camping.
We set out to find them.
If I have the mine’s name wrong, perhaps Devon can correct me.

This is the Douglass Mine.

The Constitution Mine

The Sidney Mine

![Sidney Mine00004|666x500](upload://8oKz4n8V4HJUhexn0To1rQBF3xS.jpeg


You have me John
Where is this at?

Sidney Mine, Pine Creek Mining District, Shoshone County, Idaho, USA

right off the pic Devon

The Sidney trailhead is 6.2 Miles south of Pinehurst.

The Mine is approximately 2 miles up the trail.

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Well David if you understood the area ypu would understand my question. Mine ruins in the silver valley are like trash on the side of the road they are everywhere. So “Pine Creek” is only kinda helpful.

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Never been up that trail. Is it open cars (my jeep renegade) or is it utv and smaller.

You may scratch the sides a little, but I think a jeep can make it.
Do not take the Denver Creek trail unless you are lifted with 30" tires.!
Trailhead to Sidney is the next trail on left 1/4 Mile from Denver creek.

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You might want to snoop around for Jimmy Hoffa a bit while your on your next trip as they can’t seem to find him on the east coast?

don’t you know that Robert DeNiro cremated him and tossed the ashes in a river? :grinning: :smiley:

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That almost sounds like a creative challenge in Devon’s Cooking Fun Foods thread!

Jello river? Naah… blue ice cream, with white frosting whitecaps! And chocolate dust for the ashes, and a big dark chocolate Hoffa, half sunk…


Bad news when I need Wikipedia to explain the thread.

Let me get this straight…Cliff. So part of Devon’s Hoffa cooking challenge would be explaining why there’s no pictorial evidence, as the meal disappeared without a trace and there is no glamour shot clue posted?

I could get into this!

Devon’s Hoffa Cooking Challenge quotes:

  • It was a whisk I was willing to take.

  • Didn’t get the shot. I was souper hungry at the thyme.

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  • Now you’re a real pizza work.

  • image I couldn’t post my cocktail photo. I’m a miner.

  • to remain in keeping with the thread

Penne for your thoughts?

I’m speechless, Bill! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :exploding_head: :joy: