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My take on the Orbisonia fire house

I always thought this would make a great small town fire house an when I found plans in the Sept. 1983 MR I decided to go for it. The last time I had seen it in person it looked like this

and restored as a residence it looks like this

and this is my take on it. I made a few changes and left off the corbels as I find details like this are the first to go.

The town fathers felt the best place for Russell’s Garage was between the fire house and the church :thinking:


Great looking model, Gary. Well done!

I like the garage and church as well. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s a nifty little building, great job!

Thanks guys, the gas station and station (built from plans for the Linnville, NC station) are from scratch, the church is an Aristo building.

Not sure why I took those pics of the station that day but maybe now I know why? :+1:
That Russell guy must run a shady garage?

Great work Gary! And nice job (as far as I can tell) planting your buildings on planks that you can take in for the winter.

Thanks Cliff, I don’t have room to store buildings indoors, the planks keep them from blowing away during storms !

What a lovely old building, and an excellent model!