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My Shay makes a firewood run

With a dusting of snow to run through my 38 ton Shay with Revo control and Phoenix sound makes a run down back to collect a load of firewood.


Did you see that blue hobo that jumped on?

On a cold day , you need ANYTHING faster than a Shay, I love them , it will be the first steam locomotive I get but , you will never get anywhere in anything other than glacier speed

Thanks guys. Yeah the Shay is a slow chugger but it is powerful enough to pull that heavy load. My other battery powered engine is a RS3 and that might not have the grunt to pull upgrade. It was too cold to fumble with track power.
That blue guy is not a Hobo, he is part of the crew. :grin:

Nice run. Puts a strain on that loco. How many trips to get all the logs needed for the fire? :sunglasses:

Just the one trip. It was all my frozen fingers could bear. :grin:

Great video, Todd. I really enjoyed listening to your Shay putt around the layout. May be the best sounding Shay I’ve heard. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks! I agree, the whistle and the rest is amazing. It is one of my favorite Locos.