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My encounter with 7/8th. Resin Flat Cars

In addition to the SWC3DBackshop’s lokie kit, Etsy internet, (earlier post in forum), I also obtained 2 of their RTR flat cars. Once again, crisp good looking models. They come assembled with ball bearing journals. Metal wheels give end product a nice, “heft.” Track well. Not able to leave well-enough alone, I set out to add something to personalize them for my railroad. (Even though they are quite fine as delivered) So I first attached Ozark 7111 stake pockets. In order for the pockets to have a full length attachment, I added a strip of polystyrene along under the side sills. This can be seen in one of the photographs. Paint is Tamiya T-6 matt black spray-can paint. The wood decking is Cedar ripped with wild abandon on my 10" Delta Contractor’s table saw. Glued down using Zap-a-Gap pink bottle, “thin,” adhesive after, “roughing up,” the Resin deck surface. I admit I used Zap-a-Gap for fastening because it was sitting in front of me. Some of you professionals may know of a better adhesive? For me, it worked. A couple, “boards,” were naturally warped and the resulting, “rise,” on one end I intentionally left that way. After all, my railroad often hires cheap, low I.Q. labor, (that’s me), and use lumber, “seconds,” off the local saw mill’s green chain; no attempt was made for fancy decking. This is a working railroad. I experimented with several coloring solutions I had kicking around the basement. Not sold on any until my RR employees said they’d created a good preservative around the shop by mixing up 50/50 diesel fuel and creosote. Still about giving, I almost tripped over a little bottle of, "Minwax Wood-Sheen Rubbing Oil Stain. Rosewood flavor. Hmmmm. Tried it; used it. Looks diesel-creosote’ie to me. Then I took a fine point black ink Sharpie and made little dots on boards to simulate fasteners. Model comes with coupling links and pins which work just fine. Easy now to make side boards and any number of interesting loads will find their way on board. I also recently noticed that SWC3DBackshop is now offering various loads. I like my flat cars.

Very nice work, Dennis! I’m ashamed of mine now.(

Thanks, John, but this is no better than the great wood work you do. Need to see that tower in the flesh…whenever the world comes back…l.