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Mucho Oro

Ran across this image this morning. The Mucho Oro mine (or more probably, the mill for it) in BC. I love all the details on the building. Water wheel, rough board siding, long wood shakes on the roof.

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That might not be real …it might be one of Rays … :kissing:

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I built all my buildings based on web research. Rough cedar, long shingles and corrugated metal. It’s half the fun of the hobby, researching. And I have found that there is a prototype for everything!

Nice one, John!

With those sawn logs and the log ramp, and the cutting debris, are you sure it wasn’t a sawmill? Also, I don’t see the means of getting rid of waste, such as a dump or pond.

Having said that, it could certainly be as you say, with the log cutting being for constructing something related, like a dam for a containment pond. And maybe a dump was on the other side. Furthermore, it reminds me of a similar early gold / silver mill below Virginia City:

Anyway, nice find, and happy modeling! You always do such great work, I’m looking forward to this one!


Possibly, but its the best quality picture of the claim that I’ve found. Seems small for a sawmill, and I would expect to be more open.

There is another picture, from a similar angle, on this page, but its tiny.

Can’t disagree, definitely gold mining . Since it is described as a placer operation, with material being slurried down perhaps from Jenkins (2nd photo below), I cant help but wonder if the wheel was running rocker tables (vs stamps).

Some related shots:

One more :grin:

Maybe you need to find a Canadian :rooster: and call him Fred.

The United States :rooster: is called Russell ( I believe) but he only has a silver mine not a gold mine!