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MTH video


trying to figure this video link thing out
Thanks Ken!!
4th try maybe?

over my head…


You almost had it in the first post. Just leave out the spaces in [ youtube ] [/youtube ]

Thanks Ken. It’s probably so simple that a …
I just can’t seem to remember what you said.
must need a special touch??? Urrggg Urggg.

The easiest way to find out is hit the “Quote” button on my post…it’ll show you the correct tags and URL to use …

Once you find out how easy it is, you’ll wanna smack yourself in the head…:wink:

dah ooops!!
 Yeah thanks. I'll still forget.
I keep using the insert tab above. I guess that's not needed??

I’ve never used that. This way is easier for me and I know it works…

I haven’t ever been able to make the insert tab work. I think that Bob just put that there to frustrate us, to see how many fools would try to make it work, over and over and over again, like me…

There must be a way to use it?