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MTH O scale 2 rail

got another steamer. I should have stayed with all modern diesels! Now I’m spread out too thin…

And she is pulling a respectable length train.

sounds a bit like my affliction, only I should have stayed with steamers.

Nice video Joe. You say that’s an older model, what do you mean? I’m interested in doing 2 rail O scale as my winter project as it’s hard to play outside when it’s either raining or snowing. Who’s track do you use? How do you like the MTH 2 rail products? Not to mention I model Northern Pacific.


That is an incredible steam engine!!( Loved the synchronized smoke and the wonderful sound. It is also an incredibly strong puller. Looks like you are having fun.(

Doc Tom

The MTH engine is from '07. It has their PS2 system inside and the newer stuff all is PS3. They swapped out speakers later on and the sound was better.

I use mainly all Atlas 2 rail track and switches. I just started trying the micro-engineering track as well.

I have a ton of their (MTH) 2 rail engines and love the value. They last forever and run great. Just keep them oiled and greased. I check them over every year or two. I oil everything when they’re new and that seems to last for years.

Thanks everyone.

Nice Joe. Smoke inside works better than my MTH outside, due to the winds. I looked at the O scale Pioneer Zephyer but the proportions on it are so wrong I gave up on it.

here’s one of my favorite videos that I made…

and another…

You know there are some unbelievably beautiful O-scale layouts out there, including in Colorado here. I was letting youtube lead me along following Joe’s video. It almost makes me wish I had gone O-scale instead of large scale right from the beginning.

Joe, you have some great stuff going on…what is that rainbow hopper???

That’s a classic. Both MTH and Lionel released versions of that striped CN hopper. The funny thing is one side of it is plain grey, just like the real one is.

You have one of the best clubs that I have ever seen. Their work is amazing and they own some of the best equipment ever made.

I follow at least 2 of the members on the OGR forum and pray they keep making new posts of their work.

I believe that I got at least one of my engines from a member there. It’s the lead engine a BN U30C in this video.

1971, yea, it has the ACI plate, so I knew had to be of that era.

Winter’s setting in and I try to move forward. So I’m back inside working on the layout. I’m finally building my high line in 3 rail so the grandkids and friends can run their engine too. I would have built it like the one in Chicago. I just didn’t have the time or money and had to get something built soon. So I’ve just slapped together something positive.

Nice looking Joe. Who’s 2 rail track do you use? I’m hoping to start a small indoor 2 rail layout sometime after the first of the year after my shoulder recovers from surgery. I’ve picked up a couple of older Weaver kit cars and some ready to run Atlas. I also have an AHM 0-8-0 kit with the motorized kit that I want to make into a little 2-8-0 consolidation.

Any tips?

I used mainly Atlas 2 rail track and switches. I recently tried some Micro engineering 2 rail track and like that!

The Atlas flex curves very easily. It’s easy to work with overall. The micro eng. is very stiff. I got the weathered version and it’s even stiffer.

I’d be glad to give any tips on anything I can. I just got confused one what subject? If it’s 2 rail in general, than I’d say just make sure you have fun and run what you like. There’s a lot of purists in 2 rail that gloat over exact equipment for a given era. That’s great, but I enjoy it all.

The biggest thing I noticed going from G scale to O scale 2 rail, is the smaller scale means the track work needs to be much better. I put my O on the old G scale bench work and that didn’t work out so well. The bumps and valleys will bite you! Lay out the bench work as smooth as you can possibly get it. That will get rid of headaches down the road.

Let me know what else you’d like?

MTH make a VERY fine model of the CPR Royal Hudson, as well as exceptional models of the British LMS Duchess, French Chapelon Nord Pacific and German s/18, too.


Nice video Joe. I like the large basement train room also.