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MTH 4014 Big Boy

Got my Big Boy from Ray the other day. Really packed well in a HEAVY box with wood and tie down straps. Had a good run with it, Ray had tweaked the sound and smoke a little and it was pretty neat. Guess they sold real well, rumor has it they may do another run. I guess some are still coming in, they did a 4012 also. Mine has the oil tender. Planning a turbine tender to add to it. I’ll try a freight shed thing, haven’t had much luck with it.

Great looking loco, Jerry.

Great looking loco. Can the drawbar be shortened and still run ok on your layout?

Thanks. No on the drawbar. It has a plug on each end to hook the wiring to the tender. It is too long, not sure if they will offer a shorter one or not, hope so. I’d rather have the thicker/separate wire and be able to hook it closer.

Jerry, are you running DCS or DCC or DC?

(wondering about playable whistle, etc)


Nice machine Jerry, Looking forward to seeing the turbine tender. Didn’t you have another that you had fixed the frame on? Has the fix failed again?

She looks great outside in the sunshine Jerry! Have fun!!


One of my fellow club members had a USAT Big Boy, and had a devil of a time keeping the tender tracking on 20 foot diameter curves. Wondering if the MTH is any better.

Bob C.

MTH is like LGB, designed for tight curves, and also it’s smaller than the 1:29 usat model.


Bob,like Greg said, MTH is smaller, being 1/32, so that helps I imagine. Never had any problems with mine, but I do have larger curves. From what I’ve seen/heard about the USA Big Boy it is a great engine(big also!) but you have to have great track work for it and be willing to work with it. Plus it is really heavy, one of the many things I like about the MTH is the lighter weight and smaller size.

  • Randy, I still have the other BB that I repaired the frames and it is still going. I had feared not getting replacement parts, so ordered 4014(sorta got caught up in the 4014 craze!). Ray did get me a rear frame that came in, but waiting on the front before I tear it apart to replace them. The replacement frame is a lot beefier so should hold up well. My new BB arrived with no damage, in it’s 61 lb box!

Beautiful model Jerry. Makes me want to buy that new Southern Pacific even more! Soon hopefully. My lust has shifted from the USA Hudson to the GS-4.

Thannks Rich. Better get a pre-order in with Ray now. You can pay down and payments, that’s how I did the BB on pre-order. They all sold out that way, so there will not be any extra GS-4’s I imagine. All the MTH stuff seems to sell out anymore, no leftover cheap buys!