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Moving cars at the mill

Those that know me will find this astounding, I, by my self, filmed a video on a cell phone and posted it to YouTube. It’s only a few seconds long but hey, for someone that still has issues with a punch button land line phone it didn’t come out too bad.

Here it is.


Nice only complaint is the wrong side of the Shay was showing! Need to see all the action happening!

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I subscribed to your channel. Add some more! :grinning:

Pete, I have been toying with the idea of developing/modeling a left hand drive Shay :grin:

John, My first and probably only subscriber, I will have to send you the grand prize of a lifetime free subscription :grin:

Can I be number 2 subscriber? I think I’m up to 6 on my channel. :joy:

Enjoyed the low level shot and no distractions. Just pure trains entering and leaving scene.

I hopped on the wagon as well …More More !!!

Love the depressed center flatcar.

Atta boy Rick! Great video, and it’s neat that you’ll be posting more of them.

I like the frame mounted crane.
I have been wanting a depressed flat car for my Cat for a long time.

Nice. Thanks for posting.

Hey, you’ve got me beat with 1 video and 5 subscribers. My channel has 4 videos, but only one subscriber (my work account) :open_mouth:

My latest upload from the EBT Winter Spectacular: 20230219 073501 - YouTube

Wow all that custom equipment. The sights and sounds, very nice .

OK, now you got another one, JR. :smiley:

While you’re at it here’s mine:
Never mind. The link won’t post.

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Thanks John. I found you. I used to be one of your subscribers but lost all my subscriptions that were under a work account when I left the job.

Who was the guy on the left in the background? Was he paid actor? :roll_eyes: I want that gig.

A Shay with a crane on the back. Very interesting. Was that based on a model or just created. Nice idea.

OK, Gotcha, I have seen them before just never went to YouTube to watch them

That was shot during an open house, lot of folks wandering around.

As for cranes on loco’s there are plenty of examples, just Google "locomotives with cranes " and you will find all kinds of example.

Awesome trackside vid’
Thanks for sharing !

If ya used #1 chicken grit for finish ballast I would ah thought it was 1:1 :sunglasses:

I remember seeing this photo years ago. If I was modeling UK/Europe, I would definitely build one.