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More N Iowa fun

So I have said that I love where I live many times. But it really is a gem of a place. So got off work yesterday at 4:30 and went home and loaded up my one person inflatable pontoon boat and headed out to “no tell 'em” lake in the heart of North Iowa. I was headed out to investigate a finding that I made the previous week.

On that trip fishing I found an odd red floating “thing” in the water. Looked like a little red corky, a small float about the size of your thumb nail. Didnt pay much attention to it. But after fishing a bit a started seeing them all over. Upon picking one up out of the water it was organic and like a berry. I then started seeing them everywhere and on bushes under the flooded water.

Not having any clue, my first and only thought was that they looked like cranberries. But I have wandered around N Iowa all my life, fished these lakes over and over. Never seen anything like this and never heard of us having cranberries.

After contacting our local ag extension office and a commercial grower for help with the ID they both wanted pictures. So yesterday I went back out to do just that.

Today the ag extension guy confirmed they are indeed cranberries but not the native wild one which is rare in Idaho. He said these are definitely something someone had introduced. He said historically there had been attempts to have commercial grow operations in this area as it is very boggy. But nothing was ever successful. So he believes these are remnants of that operation.


I had another visitor on this trip but am having a bit of trouble with the video. Have it in a minute.

You moved to Iowa? Wow. Congratulations. :wink:
Lots of land for your new railroad but pretty flat and no mountains. :joy:

Iowa, Huh?. State tree is a telephone pole. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :crazy_face:

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When did you move, or that was that a long after work drive

I don’t want to show things like that and tell people its Idaho. They may decide its a nice place to live and move here. So this way they will all rush to Northern Iowa.

Too late, Devon. The word’s been out for years. :grinning:

I remember when Sandpoint was a sleepy little town with the Hwy through the middle of town and one railroad bridge across the lake. Not so much anymore…

Oh for my parents to have bought the 10 acres of lake front property from my grandfather in early 1991 when he sold it weeks after grandma died.

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So last weekend I fished a new to me river in N Iowa. The Moyie River is a tributary to the Kootenai River which is Idaho’s northern most river. The Kootenai is pretty well known at least locally for some excellent Rainbow Trout fishing. It’s a pretty decent sized river and not one that is easily fished from shore therefore I have never fished it. They Moyie on the other hand is a small river mush like the rivers I am used to fishing but isn’t very well received as a trout river. I think this mainly has to to do with the Coeur D’Alene and St. Joe being so outstanding. It just kinda gets ignored. It only has a short section in the U.S.A. It starts well into Canada and when it hits the border it only travel maybe 30 miles before reaching the Kootenai.

At any rate, the wife and a group of her friends all went capping at Copper Creek C.G. which is about 1/2 mile from the border on the Moyie. I tagged along and decided to give it a try. I brought my new to me 1 man pontoon float boat and decided this would be a good ice breaker as my expectations of the fishing were not high. Not having ever floated and fished a river in this manor I wasn’t sure what kind of distance I could fish in a day between floating and stopping to really fish the better holes. So I set out about 7 miles of river and gave myself most of a day to cover it. I was able to thoroughly fish the length in about 5 to 6 hours. But enough about that.

Turns out the fishing is pretty solid on this little river. One huge surprise is that it is filled with Rainbow Trout not Cutthroat Trout of the rivers I am used to. I am sure this has a great deal to do with the Kootenai and the planting program the Fish and Game has to stock that river with big Rainbows. I am read where they actively stock the Moyie with Rainbows, I am sure as a nursery for the Kootenai.

I found plenty of trout in ever hole I fished. Anywhere from tiny 5-6" inchers up to the larger fish I caught which were around 14". You are allowed to keep 2 trout of any length, any species(except Bull Trout) per day. I kept two of the nicer 14"ish trout for dinner for myself and a friend (my wife doesn’t eat fish).

It had been a long time since I had caught Rainbow Trout. I forgot how they like to get acrobatic and jump out of the water. So it was a lot of fun with some very enthusiastic fish.

This weekend I am going to the St Joe for a Day float truip.

I’ve been up there, but never fished the Moyie.
My brother has a pontoon float boat and has fished the Kootanai in both Idaho and Montana with good results.

A neighbor where I used to live had a small almost inner tube topped wader setup he used to keep in his pickup just in case he had a sudden urge to get a line wet