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More flat cars

This is where it gets strange - a USA Trains Trailer Train flatcar.
I had never seen one of these until it turned up in an auction lot. Nor have I seen any video of a train of these. USAT made them with trailers - no idea what happened to the trailer that was on mine.

The end ramps between cars are incredibly fragile - the most breakable thing I have ever seen. I took them to my pals layout to test and one ramp broke, even though I was extremely careful. I did manage to repair it with superglue gel. There’s also one grab that is not connected at one end, as shown in the photo.

Apart from that, they are great! I will carve some styrofoam to fit the ramps so they survive the packing. For some unknown reason it has Aristocraft knuckle couplers.

$30 includes shipping in the lower 48. Paypal preferred.


NEXT, an LGB 30260 - almost. [SOLD]

I think those are LGB. I had a few. The trucks on your model are LGBs.
In any case, the Aristo “Trailer train” truck trailers fit on them perfectly.

Never mind. I remembered USA had some as well.
LGB’s have their “LGB” embossed on the bottom. I just looked at one of mine.

John, I did not recognose the trucks as LGB, and I have an LGB flatcar sitting next to it. And why would LGB trucks have Aristo couplers?
And as far as I could tell from searching, Aristo never made a Trailer Train car.

And not many people seem interested. How about $30 including shipping, folks?

It wasn’t a
Trailer Train from Aristo. It was Road Railers. You take the (rail) trucks off and they fit on the LGB flatcars because they were longer truck trailers than USA,
I think I have to quit replying on this site about something I don’t know much about. :grinning: