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More cypressesess and I have an idea for 'em

'Tis the season for cypress trees and even the local supermarket is in on the act. It’s so cute and looks right because it’s a baby. But the label says it’ll grow to 15 feet an we already know where that’ll go if you read my other cypress post.

So here’s my idea: Since these puppies are only good for a couple of years, why not just keep planting seedlings or whatever they’re called, which you can cultivate while they’re living on your layout. Then, when they get too big and out of scale, pull 'em out and maybe sell 'em (they’ll be more mature, able to drive, vote, and get a job) and you might even make a few bucks on Craig’s List or whatever. But cereal-lessly, how hard could it be to jam a tree branch in some dirt, water it, and make it grow? Ain’t that how the tree nurseries do it?

This is how she looks, size wise. Actually, that’s The Gronk’s hand. That tree is actually 3-feet tall!

IF the pricepoint on these seasonal units are low enough {i always wait for the clearance time 40% off or better} … purchase (a forest), grow, prune well, and IF they start to grow too big, either initiate your sell idea oooor cut them down leaving the stump … look around there is a lot of tree stumps and dead’uns in the 1:1 wild !!


Joe, rooting cuttings is a tad more involved then that. I bought some a few years ago, and them suckers died on me before spring. But if I see them again I might be tempted. With some pruning they should stay small for a few years. When they get too big, they could become loads for my log cars, or other details for my railroad.

Doug, you beat me to it. In fact, soon I will have a maple stump next to the right of way on my railroad.

I saw something on UTube about potting cuttings. Make the cut at a node, strip off most of the greenery, debark the bottom inch or so, dip the stem in honey, stick it in potting soil, water, keep it moist, and in six weeks, you have a new tree.

Yup, honey, nature’s perfect antibacterial and antifungal. I’ve even used honey on nasty, dirty wounds, and got almost perfect healing, better than the high priced spread.

Steve, now there is an idea. I will have to try that. Thanks

I’m taking Doug’s advice and wait for the after Christmas sale, which should be December 26. Then I’ll buy one of those babies and see what I can do with it–pruning wise. As for growing trees from scratch, I’m all talk and no action, which is why I have a dozen projects under construction and unfinished. Watch for my post about a house that called to me and needs to be modeled. I already Photoshopped it, printed a G-scale image, pasted it on cardboard and planted it on my “layout” to see how it looks. S-weet!

Joe, only a dozen? I wish I only had a dozen in progress projects.

I will have to try Steve’s honey idea. I have 2 of them Alberta Spruces that are just about to overgrow their assigned location. If I could get a few cuttings to sprout, then “harvesting” them won’t be a total loss.