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More 3D printed parts

How about some Jersey barriers? These are designed for tabletop gaming and connect with magnets in the ends. Printing them at 175% gives a decent height of about 30”.

Do the magnets on the ends stop someone blowing through the Jersey barriers at 70 mph at table top gaming ?

A couple half-length barriers. These are fun! Can’t wait to get them painted and weathered.

The big question is where are you planning on putting them?

Maybe put them on the road in front of his house, directing folks when he has a meet. Last spring, the Indian couple across the street from Bob was really wondering why I was knocking on their door… So yeah, maybe mini green magnetic Jersey walls would have helped.


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Churning out some more. A couple more and I’ll give them a coat of grey primer to see how they look.

seven different files?

Two versions of each kind, so something like 12 or 16. I haven’t unarchived the whole set yet.

A couple coats of primer on the first batch. Once these dry, it’s time to weather them.

…and what era did you say you are modelling ?
just wondering how they might fit into an era far before 1960…or was it even later when they first were developed…
Very nice idea for a much later era of Railroading.
Fred Mills

Not modeling any era, running and building what I want to.

Concrete barriers like this started showing up in the early 1940s, though the portable Jersey Barrier style didnt show up until the 1950s.

Interesting tidbit.