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Modular Layout lite weight ballast

Hi All,

Looking for some help, I need a Lite weight ballast for our new club Modular layout, I don’t want to go with real rock because of weight issues, but saw other layouts at the ECLSTS and wondered what they used any info would be of great help.

I’ve been a lurker but coming out of the shadows for this info.




I’m planning on testing/using Oil Dry on my indoor layout. I like the look that Ty (fockewulf37) achieved using that product. Instead of white glue I’m going to initially try a product like **Mulchlock **though don’t know if it’s appropriate or not.

Kitty litter …

Oil dry I believe is cheaper than kitty litter.

Turface MVP

This is a bagged product for baseball fields

I found it in my local farm supply store, in 40# bags

I also use it a mulch and pathways on my ground level garden layout