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Modern Shorty Tank Cars?

Does anyone make or has made a modern style shorty tank car? I am looking for a couple of prototypical short style modern tank cars. I can make them from something like the regular MTH or ??? But really don’t want to make them if I can buy them. Just want something that is prototypical for a 1980’s to present freight train. One or two would be all i would need for a good mixed freight consist for my dino burner when its done. I am not seeing anything in my googling.

Devon, USAT made some. Look on eBay for ‘Beer Can Tank Cars’.

Sure as i post this my next search i found that USA trains makes exactly what I want. So unless there are others I have missed, ignore this as this will suit my needs.

Bob just as i hit send my next search brought it up. Those are perfect, thanks

Pete just turned me on to RLD, since I don’t buy new cars I never think to look there, and they have a bunch at a decent retail price compared to ebay.

But. . . Man they would be easy to make with a piece of PVC and print the ends and details.

The pragmatist in me says just buy a couple and be happy ( and done). The modeler in me say make them and put the files on thingiverse and make them available.

Hmm what to do.

Well thanks to Dan Gilchrist this became a mute conversation. He has already designed and made available the 3D print files for tank cars. Three different diameters and can be made any length.

Now if the Chinese would only hurry up and ship my new screen for my printer.

Good luck with that. I have had a crate (for work) sitting at a DHL terminal in China waiting for room on a cargo plane for almost two weeks. If it’s coming by sea, plan on sometime in 2023 or 4 :smirk:

Actually that was the cool part about this. Chitu ( the supplier) had the option of having it come from the USA or from China. I chose USA think it would be faster. They contacted me and said because of the shipping fiasco the stuff going to the USA warehouse is backed up. But they can send it direct from China faster by either mail or a carrier like fed ex and have it get to me at no extra cost.

Said it should be 2 or 3 weeks. Only time will tell.

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