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Model railroad used to train real-life signal operators

This is a fascinating look at a model railroad in Germany which is connected to real, full-sized signals and controllers. It’s used to train real railroad controllers:


Tom Scott has all kinds of interesting videos.

Nice find that video. Thanks for posting. It seems the use of a scale model operating railway to train staff seems to be a practice used quite a bit. Here in the UK the best known example still in use is employed by the London Underground - as part of their training complex in West London.

There is also an historically important scale model railway, originally created by the Lancashire & Yourkshire Railway (so prior grouping in 1923) based at the National railway Museum in York that was employed over 100 years ago for similar training purposes. It’s still kept in working order

Link to video here -

Interestingly they are both based on G1 45 mm gauged track systems, the predominant “garden” gauge used these days. I’m sure I have seen one used by the Indian State Railways in a documentary sometime. Max