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Missing Persons: Help I.D. these people

I picked up these strangers at an estate sale. They look like they could be MARX figures, but I’ve never seen them before. They are made of soft plastic and are pretty close to Aristocraft sized people. I found some railroad workers, a farmer and his wife (Mrs. Farmer). I’d like to find more of them. I’ve included the Aristo policeman in the photo to give you an idea of scale. Any idea who made them? Thanks.


Still no ideas about who might have made these, huh? Well, take another look……… anybody? No?


I recognize a few of the faces as real people, but don’t know who made these!

Thanks, Jon. Ya know, I think the 3 blue people were holding their breath too long. And the 2 others are white as a ghost!


They were all scared by Rooster!

Oh, they’ve come to snuff the Rooster…….


Thanks, Boomer.


Those are some neat figures. I’d like a couple myself.

Alright, I know this post is like a year old, but if anyone is interested, these people were made by Auburn Rubber. There, I’ve kept you in suspence long enough. Auburn Rubber also makes some firemen, service station attendants, and a bunch of other folks.


This outfit, ?

Another info pg.;

doug c


i think i found one of their (or similiar product from a cdn. co.) fire trucks, 3-6" undergrd when replacing the front lawn with low maintenance ‘native’ perinnials (sp?) a few yrs. back. Kept it since it reminded me of a couple those rubber vehicles we had as kids…